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What is Methadone?



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Addiction Treatment

  • It is a synthetic opioid developed in Germany in 1937

  • Initially developed to treat pain, while it is still used for this purpose it is more widely used for people suffering from opioid dependence

  • Canadian, Dr Robert Halliday from Vancouver, set up the first Methadone program in the world for the treatment of opiate addiction

  • It acts primarily on the µ opioid receptor and is considered a full agonist. In other words, it fully activates the receptor 

  • Its molecular structure is similar to morphine and heroin with some important differences

  • It also has an effect on the Δ opioid, NMDA, and Serotonin receptors

  • It is metabolized extensively by the liver with an elimination half life of 22 hours. However there is considerable variability between individuals with ranges between 5-130 hours

  • While effective in suppressing the opioid cravings and withdrawals associated with discontinuing opiates it also blocks the euphoric effects associated with those opiates

  • When used to treat opioid dependence studies have shown that it is effective in reducing and eliminating use of other opioids while also being much safer

  • It has also been found to reduce use of other illicit drugs such as cocaine, amphetamines, sedatives, and illegal methadone

  • It reduces criminal activity and risk of death while also improving social functioning and return to productivity

  • Effective in retaining people in treatment programs

  • Significant reduction in the transmission of infectious diseases such as hepatitis and HIV

  • People addicted to opiates are three times more likely to die if they are not enrolled in a methadone treatment program